Before Baby, After Baby

The other night my husband and I were talking about the differences between pre-baby life and post baby life. The conversation ended with us both crying laughing so I thought I’d share…


Before Baby: taking a bath meant relaxing with bubbles, a bath bomb, and a nice book

After Baby: sitting in lukewarm water trying to clean a squirmy baby dinosaur


Before Baby: date night meant a romantic dinner, drinks, and a movie

After Baby: shoveling dinner into your mouth as fast as you can and being home within an hour because if you mess up his bedtime routine I swear I WILL kill you


Before Baby: walking around topless meant something good was about to happen for the husband

After Baby: walking around topless means I have [insert some sort of body fluid] on me


Before Baby: Sundays are for sleeping in, binge watching murder mystery shows, and eating on the couch

After Baby: Sundays mean still waking up at 5am because the baby doesn’t know it’s the weekend and oh yea, he peed all over his sheets


Before Baby: camera roll consists of food pics, selfies, vacation pics, funny memes

After Baby: camera roll consists of baby, baby laughing, baby eating, baby with husband


Before Baby: It’s the husband’s birthday, maybe I’ll put on a sexy outfit.

After Baby: Here’s a photo album of your kid you see every day, now can you go make a bottle please?


Before Baby: I’ll just run up to Target to get that one little thing we don’t really need but want anyway

After Baby: Ugh, I have to pack up the baby, the stroller, the diaper bag, the bottles… “Babe, just wash your body with shampoo. I’ll get soap another day!”


Before Baby: Who the hell watches shows like Dr. Phil anyway?

After Baby: Babe, move out of the way! I’m watching Dr. Phil tell this lady off!


Before Baby: “Babies are kinda ugly. They look like aliens.”

After Baby: “Omg, you are literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”



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