I’m a Bad Mom Because…

Let’s be honest here, momming is hard. This stuff isn’t meant for the weak-stomached, fragile-hearted (yea probably not a word but I’m using it), sissy la la types …. like dads. Being a mom is tough and we all have our “bad mom” moments. Most of which are pretty freaking funny. I asked some moms in a couple Facebook groups I’m in (Unicorn Moms and Bad Moms – go ahead and minimize this screen and join them right now before you miss any more amazing conversations) and a few other moms I know to tell me why they are a “bad mom.” Here is what they shared:

“I’m a bad mom because I let my 7 month old watch cartoons and he squeals with excitement at the sight of the iPad.” – Me

“I’m a bad mom because sometimes popcorn is for breakfast.” – Heather F.

“I am a bad mom because when we are at the swimming pool and my 4 yr old has to go pee I quietly tell him to go pee in the grass and then turn my back and act like I have no idea he is doing it…all so I don’t have to walk clear over to the restrooms 🤣 (he is 4, he can’t still get away with it being cute )” – Amanda F.

To this Dana G. replied “At least you tell yours to get out of the pool!”

“I’m a bad mom because I let the 10 yr old drink my Dr. Pepper because he “lost” yet another water bottle while at baseball” – Amy N.

“I’m a bad mom because I give my 2 yr old my phone when I want to go back to sleep in the mornings! She gets up way too early!” – Naomi F.

“I’m a bad mom because I tell my son that he is grounded from his tablet but I leave it in his room so he can “sneak” to play on it but if he thinks he is grounded from it he won’t come up every 5 mins to give me a 10 mins story about his game that he is playing.” – Leah O.

“I’m a bad mom because when my nearly 6 year old who absolutely hates swearing called my husband a douche, I laugh.” -Rachel J.

“I’m a bad mom because I tell my 3 year old to wipe her own ass…” – Hillary R.

“I’m a bad mom because I quit bedtime routines a long time ago. Brush those teeth and pick a movie Jesus loves you goodnight.” – Elizabeth M.

“I’m a bad mom because when my kids are annoying the shit out of me I send them to the neighbor kids house to annoy the adults there instead.” – Rachel S.

“I’m a bad mom because I laughed when my 2yo accidentally stuck her hand in our 9 wk. old puppys poop.” – Santasia H.

“I’m a bad mom because I forgot a toy and let my kid play with a maxi pad.” – Azeria B.

See, ladies. We all have our moments. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re all bad moms.

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