A Trip To The Pediatrician’s Office

We love our pediatrician. He has been so fantastic since my son was born and really cares about his well being. We don’t feel like just another patient on his list, which is nice. But I have to say, going to the pediatrician is quite the circus… my fellow mamas know what I mean.

First, you show up and the waiting room is swarming with small humans running in every direction. It’s like parents think because we are in a confined space and they can’t run away that they’re allowed to let their kid run, climb, and touch whatever they want.

Ok, you’re sick please don’t get near my kid.

Um, lady, are you even watching your child?? Get them away from my baby!

Oh God, he touched my kid! Now I have to find out why he’s here. This will be a 20 minute fake conversation with another mom.

And maybe I’m the crazy one but the toys they have in the waiting room…I feel like I can actually see the sick germs crawling on them. Nope, you can’t touch that, son.

And then there’s the movie they are playing in the waiting room that no one is watching. Like we would even be that lucky that our kid would want to just sit quietly and watch a movie while they wait to get a shot. Nope, but is it just me or is the volume always just a tad too loud? Maybe the nurses are sick of hearing the screaming kids so they turn it up.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but the new thing at our pediatrician’s office is they don’t call your name. The person at the front when you check in must type in what you’re wearing or something and the nurse comes out and looks for you, walks up to you directly and says “we’re ready for [insert child’s name].” I get it, in theory it should make people feel like we are not just another patient,land they actually remember our kid, but in reality, it doesn’t work very well. The nurse is always wondering around awkwardly staring at everyone trying to guess which black shirt the front person meant. It’s an uncomfortable scene to watch.

Once you make it past the death match that is the waiting room and the awkward nurse encounter, you’re finally alone at peace in your own room. This is where they will take your babies weight (always commenting on how big my son is), height, etc. and tell you the doctor will be in shortly. I’m not sure if they really know what “shortly” means.

Last, the doctor will order the shots (not for you non vaccinators, I know, you’re lucky enough to skip this part, but we choose to vaccinate). So now, you get to hold down your precious, innocent baby while someone stabs them with a needle and they scream bloody murder all while giving you the look of “Mommy, why’d you let them do this to me?” Sounds dramatic right? Yea, it is. And as soon as the shots are done they leave and you’re stuck with a screaming baby who secretly harbors some resentment towards you for that whole encounter.

As you walk out, you say “next time daddy’s bringing you to the pediatrician.”

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